A visit to the Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum

In Victoria Square there is the most important Natural History Museum from Romania. It is called Grigore Antipa after the name of a great Romanian biologist. He studied the wild life in the Danube Delta and in the Black Sea.

In this museum we can discover a lot of wild animals. For example, we can admire many big fish like sword fish or tuna. At the same time we can see various kinds of birds: duck, pelican, hoopoe, seagull, owl, eagle. I was impressed by a huge wild pig, a female wolf with very little cubs and a big stag.

So, I invite you to visit the Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum. 🙂





Text and photos credit: Raisa Scarlat

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Sitting in a French bakery on Victoria Avenue

Opposite the Știrbey Palace there is a nice French bakery. I often like to sit there, to watch the bikes and to drink some refreshments.

Last Saturday I drank a very good lemonade with strawberry and mint. It was one of the best lemonades of my life.

I think Victoria Avenue is the perfect place to relax and have fun in weekends !

Photos and text credit: Raisa Scarlat








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Victoria Avenue

Victoria Avenue is one of the oldest streets of Bucharest. It is a well-known street, visited by many tourists. It is 3 kilometers long.

At present, Victoria Avenue is open to bikes. There are many locals which ride their bikes in this street.

On Victoria Avenue we can see nice houses, palaces, shops, museums, churches and statues. I like very much the Capșa House. It is a famous cake-shop. Also, I think that the Telephone Palace is a beautiful high building. It is designed by two American architects.

You must visit Victoria Avenue when you are in Bucharest ! 🙂

Photos and text credit: Raisa Scarlat












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The Cișmigiu Gardens

I like very much the Cișmigiu Gardens. There, we can see a beautiful lake, a lot of old trees, birds and animals and many happy people.

In this old park of Bucharest we can ride a bike, stroll, drink some refreshments. I especially like orange juice.

I always feel happy when I go to this place. I often take photos to remember me the nice places and moments in the Cișmigiu Gardens.

I want to go there again ! 🙂

Photos and text credit: Raisa Scarlat


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Why not try discovering Bucharest and learning English for fun?


DSCN2999Working in group of five,

kids (aged 8 to 11 years)

will learn how to:

  •  Have fun
  • Communicate in English
  • Create play-roles with their friends 
  • Be effective team players
  • Take great pictures
  • Write small compositions about Bucharest
  • Listen great stories about their town
  • Have more fun
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Go4Bucharest – What is this all about?

Go4Bucharest is a new concept of learning English. Not theoretically, but practically. By traveling, discovering great places in Bucharest. Taking pictures. Writing essays in English. Playing and having fun.

It is a two-days course for your kids. First day (two hours) is for traveling and shooting. The second day (two hours) is for talking in English about their trip, playing some roles, writing some essays. In brief, it is about communicating in English and having hands-on learning.

In the end, their stories and pictures will be edited and published on go4bucharest.wordpress.com site.

Your kids will be happy to learn English in a very unconventional way, developing complex ideas about Bucharest. They will remember these activities for the rest of their life. The English expressions they use in their stories will  be associated with these lovely experiences and this will guarantee an effective learning process.

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